Meet Essienanwan Irene Bangwell

She is a children and teens coach. She writes, designs tools, create programs and develops curriculum that inspire intelligence, character and creativity in the education experience of children aged 3 to 17. Her goal is to create a culture of visionary, innovative, entrepreneurial thinking in Africa’s emerging generation.

She is the Creative Director of Handz and Mindz Ltd and subsequently is the convener of Education Innovation Dialogue, Dubai. Out of which comes the revolutionary tool called the Education Innovation Map, whose current edition contains 102 ideas on how schools can integrate 21st century skills to everyday learning.

She is also the hosts of Talk Education Africa a 30 minutes TV show that highlights educational issues, challenge communication techniques in school, impacts the vision of schools, promote international capacity building opportunities for our teachers and school owners, celebrate best practices amongst teachers and students as well as expose partnership and support opportunities for schools to private organizations. It is also a platform for expressing progressive perspectives to government policies with the vision of impacting the overall outcome of Africa’s education beginning with Nigeria. The show airs every Wednesday at 3:30pm (GMT+1) on Silverbird Television Abuja and Startimes Channel 109. Past episodes can be watched on

Handz and Mindz Ltd RC824739 is an organization that writes creates tools, designs programs, modules, curricula, designs programs and creatively engages media platforms for the purpose of providing building blocks that inspire intelligence, boost academic performances, build character and inspire creativity amongst preschool children to 17 year olds.

Green and Gold Center for Teens Creativity CAC/IT/No/62444 is established to facilitate the existence of intellectually stimulating classroom experiences as well as an environment which builds strong intra-personal skills primarily amongst public school students, low income schools and disadvantaged children and teens.

Irene Bangwell is married to renowned social entrepreneur, Kingsley Bangwell ( Together they have two phenomenal daughters Briona and Elena Bangwell.

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Handz and Mindz Ltd RC 824739, is working to become Africa’s leading voice on innovative education and influencing curriculum development, education policies and structures in the primary and secondary education sector.