#ItsFrugalFriday. 11 ways to keep your kids looking good on a budget.

frugal-tips-for-saving-copyIts #FrugalFriday.

If like me, you live in a city like Abuja you would very soon realise that most people like to pass off the impression that they have it all. Their account balance blinks gold and they live in the highbrow areas, which leaves me asking why the suburbs are significantly over populated and the high brow are not so populated when compared to the suburbs. So many things come to mind like what the measure of rich is. Is it the cars, I tend to see a lot of classy cars even in the suburbs.

Well that’s not what #FrugalFriday is about. The #FrugalFriday series is for people who want to be the best of parents, give their children the best of life within their low budget until income increases.

I have discovered a couple of things through my 4 years + parenting experience one of which is that at any income level ALL men have what it takes to parent excellently. This is because parenting is more about principles and values nurtured in children as they grow.

I have been privileged to learn that when you do not have enough, it’s an important opportunity to teach your children how to improvise, be contented, all of which is wrapped around creativity with a fantastic attitude to go with it. This is valuable lesson for our children as they grow up because so many young people get into vices because they have unmet needs (important things) and wants (fantasy desires). So how can we allow the total0594559711_1_1_1-640x707ity of our experiences build strong folks out of our children?

When a child steps out, before they open their mouth people are first caught by their appearance. While children of a certain age may never know that people see their clothes first, parents know. Parents are embarrassed when they step into a space and other kids look better than their kids. If this emotions are not well channelled, parents have the tendency to come down hard publicly on their child when they do something wrong, no matter how little.

Sadly, children of all ages will notice their parent’s tone but not what people felt about their dressing.

Sometimes, some parents carry a huge burden of paying debts they accrued on clothes they bought for their kids. As with the DNA of debts, it eats you deeply and deprives you of bubbly life for as long as it takes. This sometimes affects the fun energy between you and your children.

Here are a few tips to give your children the superb look while staying debts free.

  1. Realise today, that no matter what you have, there will always be another family that will wear their kids more expensive clothes and perhaps more colourful clothes than you would. There is absolutely no need to make it a vision to have your children to be the best dressed especially if your income doesn’t support this mission.
  2. Understand and accept that each of your children is a totality of many things which includes, their spirituality, their character, their personality, their talents, their knowledge base and quite frankly their appearance is the last even though it’s the first thing that is seen.
  3. Get into your children’s closet and take stock of what they have and what they don’t. Make a list of what they don’t have and make a priority listing. The priority listing should start with things they really need in terms of important things like weather changes (your children’s health is superior to their fashion statement) etc. You can do this twice a year. To keep track of seasonal changes and growth spurts.
  4. Draw a schedule of how soon you need to get it for them considering your budget.
  5. In consideration of the brilliant budget you have (yes, whatever you have is a blessing at the moment. Someone somewhere dreams of the day they will have access to what you currently have) make an honest list of where you can buy them at a friendly budget.
  6. If you choose to buy used clothes from okrika, ask for the best time to buy almost new clothes. If they look faded, thfolded-clothes-and-detergent-1024x741en it will only get worse after a few washing. Pick bright colours that are appealing.
  7. Whether you are buying for staying at home or outings, buy only the quality that can be good enough for outings. That way even what your children wear at home sparkles.
  8. It doesn’t stop at buying the clothes, choose detergents carefully. On detergent packs, there are usually specification as to whether a particular detergent is suitable for whites only or colours as well.
  9. If you have to use a washing machine, as much as possible group laundry according to colours and textures so that fast colours don’t ruin your investment.
  10. Ironing does miracles to children’s appearance. A friend recently introduced me to a nameless scented liquid starch for children’s clothes. It’s a starch that can be diluted and used over a long period of time. Usually, you sprinkle on dried clothes before ironing. There are also some scented starch that you can put in your rinsing water. Ironed and scented will always give you and your child the squared shoulder look and appearance.
  11. Finally, run a savings plan that allows you go for those bran new really gorgeous clothes. Those particular clothes that come in handy during special events. That way you don’t run around when there is a special event. So the trick is saving them for the day that its most outstanding.

Enjoy frugal while working out your “more”.


Please share some of your frugal fashion tips for children.

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