Schools Evaluation and Strategy Roundtable

Schools Evaluation and Strategy Roundtable

The Schools Evaluation and Strategy Roundtable is designed to build the creative and resourcefulness capacity of school owners and administrators. This capacity enables schools to do abundantly more to distinct themselves in different areas of their work.

The articulate SESR module comprised of 130+ question evaluation and 30+ ideas and strategy pointers that helped school owners discover new indicators for evaluating their performances, identify, strength, weaknesses, define whether or not they were building on the right structures.

Based on the needs represented, Handz and Mindz is opening a Whatsapp helpline for proprietors where they can post questions and have answers. The group will be called “Winning Schools” open to schools continent wide for brainstorming, idea sharing and networking.


Testimonies & Outcomes

The school owners from Nsukka, had indicated interest in Handz and Mindz leading them through a 2 week internship and tour to reputable schools in Abuja.

The school owner from Jos, Plateau State has indicated interest in an edition of SESR being held for school owners in Jos by September.

I learnt to step up my game through the seminar tool kit over and over again. The networking was awesome. Coparticipants were amazing. The convener was versatile. The questions in the various segments are all a wake up call. More proprietors will attend if we have a 3 month notice.

            Abigail Ajayi, Sacred Scholars School, Jos

I learnt a lot from co-participants and the convener.

Peter Onyeke, Onward Schools, Enugu


My high points at SESR 2014 was the detailed process for empowering schools and the simple ideas that will leave great impact. The strongest lesson is understanding that vision has to be practical.

Priscilla Onyeke, Onward Schools, Enugu

My high points for SESR 2014, was making the decision that I would make my school do more research and document the outcomes. I have decided  on giving daily survey. From Coparticipants I learnt that failure can give more room for success.

Mrs Olusola Bankole, Bankys Private School, Abuja